How to use First Fate to promote your business?

FirstFate offers a great opportunity for business owners and advertisers to showcase their products and services to users around the world.

Promoting your Business has now never been easier. We have now opened our platform for Promotion/Advertising for Business Owners and Advertisers as an integrated feature of our app, where users will be able to “Discover” new products/ services promoted by other users and advertisers on our platform. Should they like it, users can express their interest on the Promoted Content after which the concerned advertiser can contact these potential leads via in-built chat.

The reason we think that it would be a cost effective solution for Businesses/Advertisers¬†is that we have started with a strategy of Bid Per Day, with a message to Advertisers, “Bid per day, not per impressions. On FirstFate, you don’t have to pay more just because a million people saw your ad.”

How to get started?

  1. Start by Create a Post, by selecting your advertising image. You can edit the image if you want and then finally add your business message which best describes your services.
  2. Mark the Post as Promote so that it is visible as a Promoted Content to users on FirstFate.
  3. Now users can express interest on your post by tapping the Interest Icon.
  4. You can view all your promotions by going to notification screen. Select your promotion to see users who have expressed interest on your promoted content.
  5. Now if you wish to sponsor this content so that it’s visible to all users on First Fate, you can add as Discovery Item. Tap on the Discover Icon, then Enter your Bid Per Day in Terms of First Fate Credits, Enter the Promotion Duration and add the item to Discover.
  6. Once the promotion is approved, it will be visible to all users on Discover Page, where users can see all the awesome products and services, and other promoted content by various advertisers across the world.
Moreover, since you already have an account on First Fate, you can add more posts to your profile which is visible to your followers. Afterall, it IS a Social Network! Download the Android / iOS App to get started!

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