Where We Started and Where We Are – A Message from Aman Gupta, CEO of First Fate

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Dear FF Community,

It’s now exactly one year since we officially rolled out First Fate Social Network. What started out as a small network where you can get Honest Reactions & Opinions about anything, has over this past 1 year, grown into so much more. We have, during this time, launched a 3D Social Universe Browser Site where users can see the entire community in the form of a Universe consisting of Galaxies, Stars and Planets. Our community has grown from 1000 to over 75,000 App users during this time, from 40+ countries, apart from Thousands of Daily Users who visit our website.

Be it a Startup promoting their Innovative Product via “First Fate Discover” or a Traveler recommending cool and unknown Hangout Spots in the farthest corners of the World & collecting Rare Profile Badges, to a person trusting his friend’s recommendations, directly visible on his First Fate profile, when it comes to choosing the best Travel Spots in a previously unknown city, to Teens trying out the First Fate Tattoo SelfieCam with over 400+ Tattoos for a great Profile Picture, it’s all have been made possible by our users, who constantly support us, making us work harder to provide a great Social Experience by coming up with new ways to build an engaging and well-established community.
The Core Essence of First Fate has always been about open and Honest Communication, which has, through your support as Daily,Weekly, Monthly Users, carved out a niche for such a network. I still remember what I said, earlier this year during a Press Release.

“Our site upholds the vision that ‘At times, it’s the First Opinion that matters the most’. It’s because, that is authentic, unbiased and not influenced by what others are thinking, something that is not usual with the other social networking sites. ”

FF’s Reputation Score is now being used by our users in a Day-to-Day Competition, which to be honest wasn’t its actual purpose, but it has made FF’s Rep Score, a great tool for Contributors, Writers, Professionals and almost anyone, who share great content, to actually make their mark in the social community and be recognized for their work.
On the behalf of Entire First Fate, I thank you for your support, and assure you of our efforts of making this network into a huge one, quite possibly a Social Universe :) Stay tuned for next round of Updates for awesome Social Features!
Aman Gupta, Founder of First Fate Social Network
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