New Feature: Map My Journey

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Map My Journey is a New Feature in the First Fate app.. Ever wonder what would happen when you share your journey, what your friend would like you to visit when you visit a city where they live or have travelled frequently? Well, now it’s possible on the First Fate Social App.


You can mark places which you recommend in a city, tell the best things about that place and even upload cool pictures of yourself. Your followers can view it when they visit your profile.. Isn’t it cool?

So Let’s say your friend recently visited LA or New York or London etc. He can create a Map My Journey profile for that city, and tell all the places he liked in that city, and what about those places, is the best thing to experience. So all you have to do it is follow the person who knows how to have a good time, and you are good to go.

Why would they post it, you ask? Because you get cool profile badges whenever you reach a landmark, and posting such journeys is a landmark that we have decided :)

You can download the First Fate Social App on Play Store and App Store


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