7 Features of First Fate that you must try

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First Fate App has many features, some cool, some cooler and some which are so far into our First Fate solar system that we think they soon might become our Pluto. So we are not writing the obvious ones, since you then would have better things to read than this blog entry.

First Fate Features
So, here are the 7 Features that you must try:
1. Video Profile: Ask your friend to take a 5 second video of yours through the App itself, while uploading your Profile Identity. Tip: Do crazy but safe and legal things to gain popularity.
2. Take a 5 second challenge: It’s a work in progress (remember Pluto that we talked about, above), but still, it lets you take a 5 second video. So you can post a teaser or trailer or where am I? kind of a thing. Basically, enjoy those 5 seconds of fame. Commonly known as What’s this?! post.
3. Reputation score: Every follower counts. So make sure you get as many as you can, to rate your posts. Remember posts that are likely to make people love you, get more points. Duh- common sense!
4. Complete your profile: People with common interests are more likely to find each other through recommended posts in Explore Screen. So, make sure you tell us your hobbies, we are not that intelligent to guess it!
5. Double Filter: Did you know that you have two kinds of filters, that you can apply before uploading a pic? Yes, check out both the Primary and Secondary filters of First Fate.
6. #FirstFateFan : Post with this hashtag and you will automatically send your entry to that day’s Fan entry. Best ones get featured on the website as well as on the App home page.
7. Invite Friends: Yes, you read it right. You need an army of more than 300 to defeat this Persian army which are our active users. (Reference to a movie)
8. Don’t believe us when we say something. Try it for yourself. No, this is not a feature, hence we did post seven points and didn’t trick you.

Need to see some cool features that you have thought of? Mail us at firstidea@firstfate.com and we might name it after you, if we decide to go for it!

And ofcourse, download the App at Google Play Store.

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