5 Things you need to know about First Fate

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First Fate is a Social Networking App recently launched, and is starting to pick up the pace. Here’s the top five things you need to know about First Fate, that makes it more than just a photo sharing application.

  1. The First Fate Concept: The concept of the app is the unique thing in itself. The app’s core functionality works on a simple motto, “Sometimes, only the First Opinions matter.” So, the users get FIVE ways to rate a post, which are WOW, Love, Laugh, Smile, Sad! Once you rate it in any of those five, you can see other people’s comments and ratings. Otherwise you don’t . And the trick here is, that your first opinion is the last one, i.e. it is like one of those text messages, which once sent, cannot be taken back.

  3. Video profile: Many companies have toyed with the idea, but very few have actually implemented it, in a social app. This feature is Video Profile. You get 5 seconds to take a video, which can be a selfie video or a normal one, and you can make it as your profile pic, or should we say, profile video. Imagine your home screen, where people are doing crazy things in their profile pic, while you are scrolling down. Very Harry Potter like.

  5. Reputation Score: So what’s the end game? Remember the five kinds of ratings that we talked about, before. Well, each of them actually carry different points, and the combined total is added to your reputation score. Higher score means you get the Bragging rights. Gone are the days, where number of likes tell you how popular you are. Now, get the score to stay on the top. Paging All celebrities and their fans!

  7. Chat: Usually, it is believed that Chat is not a part of social platform and hence many apps decide to go for a different app to include chat feature. But, for now, Chat is very much part of #FirstFate.

  9. Top Trends: Since First Fate is so designed that it brings out the true opinion of something, many can use it to get an honest-and-sometimes-brutal feedback. Want to know about a movie trailer or how you look in a dress? You need to First Fate it! So automatically, you are more likely to catch on some important worldwide and local trends!


I know! We are thinking more about what to say, when some one posts on our app, since “first fate it” seems odd. But nevertheless, until we kind a nice name for it, that’s what we are going for. Actually, we would love to hear what you would like to term it when some one posts on First Fate. Shout out any cool words that comes up in your mind and send at firstidea@firstfate.com .

Lucky winners get featured in the app. Promise :)

Remember to invite your friends to join First Fate. Solitude is a dangerous drug, because once you have tasted the peace that it brings, you might not want to be near people again. So, say NO to such Drugs!

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