Why $1 per Day Advertising, on First Fate actually works?!

Advertising on First Fate Social Network is a bit different..It’s more organic and cost effective.

No, I am not kidding. You can reach millions of users, on First Fate Social Network, by advertising, starting $1 per day, and there’s the kicker — It will be organic.

Business Promotion Best

Before I get to that, today let me take few minutes to tell you how as a business whether it’s a startup or a small business or any other business to be honest, you can use First Fate Social Network to reach out to more users globally and locally as per your target audience, and get maximum brand value.

See when it comes to advertising or marketing, the overall digital advertising platform is pretty much, let’s say from a user’s perspective, it’s a bit crowded with most of the promoted and organic content shared by users is not directly visible, due to various algorithms implemented by websites, making the actual organic content reach very low. As a business, it all comes to down to the way you promote your brand, how much your brand is able to connect with the audience, how much organic reach are you getting out of your advertising campaigns.

I could speak of several ways of how you can use First Fate to get this organic reach, but today I’ll speak about three things that will help you as a brand, whether upcoming, new or established, to reach more users around the world.

First I would like to discuss is First Fate Discover.

First Fate Discover

Like the name suggests, it’s pretty much a discover feed, where users discover different types of content posted at the same location as per their prefeences. This content is shared by other users on first fate, a lot of these posts are then handpicked by our team and shown on the Discover Feed. As an advertiser, you can show your content, whether image or a video, in this Discover Feed to reach more users, by marking your promoted post as Discover, from within the First Fate App itself. On First Fate discover, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like one of the those things where users think they are being shown only advertisements, but rather it’s a collection of various things like Snapshots, Innovative Content, Stories, Trends, Products, Offers and Services, which are shared by users around the world every second. All of this content is organic. Users are visiting this feed because they want to experience something new, they want to be amazed, or they want to learn something or they are searching for things like news, or food recipes, or particular product or anything else for that matter. Sky’s the limit to be honest.  


So when you post your best brand message along with a media, whether an image or a video nanotale, you wish to capture the user’s attention in this amazing ocean of information. Your brand recall or retention will be much better if you are able to reach the user in this organic way. The results will be much better and users are more likely to use your product or service. That doesn’t meaning only attractive or innovative content has to be posted, it can be as simple as your blog article telling three things to do while starting a new business or a small image showing a flowchart or a standard business advertisement. In the end, if it is providing some value to the user or the reader, since that’s the only way you really reach people, everything else is just noise which user forgets only few minutes after. Don’t let anyone tell you any different, this is the business reality.

But the question comes, that it’s still an advertising feed where advertisers can directly post their content which will make it undesirable for the users? Well, No, It’s different, because yes the feed will consist of advertisements, but users will only express their interest if they like the initial content which should be good enough or some value to them so that they open it and view in detail. So as an advertiser, On First Fate, you are getting high quality potential users, those who are actually interested in your brand, product or service.

Plus it is an infinite feed of lots of other content just waiting for the users. Users discover thousands of new things everyday on First Fate. Let it be your business that they discover tomorrow.

Second one is Bid per day starting $1.

So the question comes, what if my content is so good that more users view it but don’t actually want my product or service. Will it make my daily spending very high. Well again, no, it won’t. Here, you bid per day, not per impressions. On FirstFate, you don’t have to pay more just because a million people saw your ad. Currently you can set the bid per day as low as $1 per day or similar in other currencies.

We set the minimum bid of $1 per day to enable lots of small organisations who don’t necessarily have huge marketing budgets to spend on online advertising but their product or service is just as good as others, or even better. So this way in bid per day we are saying that look you are competing with multiple advertisers who are using similar bids as yours, that’s correct, but here your content is also making a difference, because our internal algorithm also takes into consideration how well the promoted content is being received by the users. So if an advertiser uses $1000 bid per day and outbids all the others, that doesn’t necessarily mean their Ad will be shown at the top for 100% of the users, but rather it will also depend on how relevant and engaging their content is, for that category.

Targeted Promotion

Yes it will be higher but other factors will also play a role as decided by our internal ranking algorithm. And because it is bid per day, meaning you only are paying that fixed amount regardless of how many more users see your ad, it makes much more sense for advertisers to test and promote using different content, to see which one is most beneficial for them in terms of engagements and how users are expressing their interest. Later you can alter your bid in case you wish to reach more users with the same content or change your content to try different campaigns. And ofcourse by bid per day, we mean it will actually run and will be visible for the entire 24 hours. If you want to run it for more time, you can add more days while creating your ad campaign.

Third is Express Interest feature.

If your content is useful or giving some value to the user, users can instantly express their interest by tapping the interest icon. Let’s say you are a fashion designer and you have posted a collection of your designs. Throughout the day, let’s say around 5000 users saw your ad and 500 expressed their interest. What happens in traditional advertising is that users see or click your ad which is reported in the analytics software, and that’s pretty much it. You can’t directly reach those who really liked it.

Chat with Potential Leads

But Now you have the option to chat with them as well, with the users who expressed their interest, so you can know their requirements or get their feedback or turn them into potential future clients. Not all will instantly turn into clients, but the response potential will be much higher depending on your product or service. Now let’s say you are a travel blogger, not only you have invite them to follow your first fate profile, see your #Journies that you have posted, but also offer them exclusive content or invite them to your next group travel trip or ask them to visit your website.

This was all the marketing and advertising aspect of it, and how you can start at $1 per day. Don’t get me wrong, usually advertisers go for higher bid per day but this will get you started, and if your content is awesome, $1 will get you awesome results.

There are lots of other things as well, how you can use the First Fate Social Network as your complete social presence, starting with posting creative video nanotales, to engaging recommendations and reviews, to getting Honest First Reactions which is actually how First Fate began, to competing for profile badges and reputation score, organizing events and posting amazing content on your first fate profile and so much more. As your First Fate profile grows stronger, your brand visibility will automatically increase as well. You can Share your business stories on First Fate. You’ll love the response from your network!

So yeah $1 per day combined with other awesome things actually works on First Fate Social Network!

You can create your account and manage everything within the app itself. No matter who you are, and what business you run or what scale it is, First Fate Social Network is the thing you need to try!

– Message from CEO of First Fate Social Network, Aman Gupta.

You can get the app from Play Store, or Apple Store or just visit the website! Check this below video as well!

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