Google Play Store Increases App Name Limit to 50 Characters

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Update on Google Play Store App Listing

It looks like on 6th June 2017, many developers reported that there were able to use upto 50 characters in the App Name field on Google Play Store, rather than the original 30 characters.

Here’s a Screenshot of Our App Play Store Console:


google play store first fate


Whether this update is permanent or temporary remains to be officially notified by Google, but for now enjoy the 50 Character App Name field on Google Play Store.

But mind you, the characters usually after the 37th character hide from the “Search Page” (replaced by …. ) so for developers, the first 30-35 characters are still relevant as before.

We will keep updating here till we get an official announcement from Google.

Update: We have changed our tagline to “A Place for Memories. Discover Social Media Real Time” and our app name on Play Store has been changed accordingly. 

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