5 Things you should do Before Travelling Anywhere



Travelling should be fun, but we end up making a hectic journey which becomes too long for comfort and half way through, we seek nothing but comfort of our home. You can find a list of To-Do’s and Don’ts anywhere, but it’s easier just reading them on a blog than actually doing them in a proper manner.

When you first head off to places in the world that are a lot different from where you live, a number of things change. You have to learn to adapt.

Like for example, it’s easier to say that you should rely on credit card as much as possible. But anyone knows, it’s not actually possible at all. There are thousands of places within a city of any nation, developed or not, that totally depends on cash. You just can’t keep searching for ATMs half the time you’re there.

So, from my own experiences and through the reviews given by worldwide travelers, these are FIVE most important things to do before Travelling:

  1. Plan your Trip: No, it doesn’t mean just booking hotels and tickets. It means plan everything. Financial Cost, Time and most importantly your expected physical stress while you’re actually there. After 2 days of hectic travelling, you just cannot go for a hike to the nearest hill, in the morning. It looks good on paper, but chances are you’ll end up skipping it for a nice cup of tea. Same goes for Financial Cost. Make it as accurate as you can, and then leave a little margin for miscellaneous expenses. Cost of almost anything is available on the internet if you look for it. And if you make it extremely accurate, you might just have more money for shopping :)
  2. Places to Visit: I hate to bring the previous point again but plan the Places to Visit against FTS ( Finance, Time, Stress) . See if you can refer to some of the social travel networks, where friends recommend top places to visit. If you have the same taste of travelling as your friend(s), you’ll love the experience. Try First Fate or Trip Advisor for such reviews. Also,  Never assume that your taxi driver knows where your destination is. Double-check and get him to ask someone before you go if there’s any doubt.
  3.  Check the Weather: Scan weather sites to see what’s the weather going to be like on the dates of your trip. You don’t want to roam around in jackets, when it’s supposed to be hottest day of the month. Pack your clothes that fit the weather, Simple! Tip: See if it’s raining that time of the year. You don’t want to spend your entire day in the Hotel, do you?
  4. Scan and Email: Copies of your Passport, travel insurance policy, emergency phone & card numbers, as well your ticket details. Leave another set with family or friends too. And it’s also handy to have copies of your itinerary and hotel receipts in one place, just in case.
  5. Spend more Time in Fewer Places: Don’t be on the road always, unless you’re going for a road trip. Embrace the beauty, talk to people and other tourists, click pictures and what not. Not only will you save some money, but also really enjoy your stay, especially if you’re going for a short 2-4 day trip!


Travelling is not rocket science. It just requires little planning beforehand, but then doesn’t everything?! And don’t forget to bring out your smile. It’s the strongest communicator and a common language. Be respectful of the culture, the people, and afterwards, don’t forget to share your travel tips and reviews with friends. :)

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