First Fate Social Network Timeline

First Fate Social Network - A Timeline to Remember! (Newest to Oldest)

November 23

First Fate Introduces Lookies

First Fate Introduces Lookies
First Fate updated its technology, and introduces a new feature called Lookies. Lookies are live or recent moments shared by users across the globe, tagged via location. So let's say you wish to see how busy a restaurant is, currently, or what's the scene at a concert you are missing - all you have to do is see recently added Lookies near that area, or request a Lookie from people at that location! It is a fun way of sharing, and the people who respond gets Bonus Lookie points as well! In simpler terms - It is the window to any place in the world, in the palm of your hands. We also added First Fate Leaderboard, for our top influencers who just love to compete.
August 1

First Fate in BW Businessworld

First Fate BW Business World
As an official invite to small businesses and entrepreneurs to try First Fate Social Network for their Brand, we posted a Creative Ad in BW Business World Magazine Issue dt. August 5th, 2017.
July 1

Bid Per Day – First Fate’s Ad Message is Launched

As a Business or a Startup, one's goal is to reach maximum targeted users at best ROI. Using First Fate Social Network, Thousands of Businesses everyday reach their target audience and are better able to interact with these potential leads. You can easily manage your Promotional campaigns via First Fate App itself. Payment methods supported include PayPal and CCAvenue.
June 30

First Fate Reaches 450,000+ Active Visitors/ Users

First Fate Reaches 450,000+ Active Visitors/ Users
First Fate crosses 450,000 mark in terms of active users, visitors and readers who use First Fate to share their content.
March 10

First Fate Discover

First Fate Discover
In March 2017, First Fate launched First Fate Discover, a Social Discovery Feature, which allows users to discover organic content, stories and moments shared by other users around the world, leading to its current tagline "A Place for Memories. Discover Social Media Real Time." It allowed the users to express their "Interest" by tapping the interest icon, after which the creator of the post can reach out to the concerned user. Citing privacy protection, the app allowed only one-message communication from the creator's side, with the full conversation mode activated only after receiving reply from the other user.  

First Fate Discover as a Promotional Tool for Users

Initially, supported by banner ads, after the launch of First Fate Discover, the company allowed the advertisers to post their advertisements in the Discover Feed. The company launched it with the option of Bid Per Day, spreading the message that advertisers are only paying a fixed amount per day, regardless of how many more users view their ad or express their interest. The Ads are scattered across the Discover Feed, which also consists of organic posts shared by the users. The advertisers can track how many users expressed interest to their post, and have the option of the "First Message" i.e. sending an initial message to the users who expressed their interest. Upon receiving a reply, they can chat among themselves. It was considered a new way to get leads, than existing mechanisms of CPC and CPI, which limit the reach of the ads depending on the budget.
October 30

3D Social Universe Website

3D Social Universe Website
In October 2016, First Fate introduced a 3D Social Universe website for desktop and mobile browser users, which allowed users to view their social network in terms of planets, stars and galaxies. To introduce this feature, First Fate rolled out its then tagline "It's not just a Social Network. It's a Social Universe." The users could scroll or browse through various neighboring galaxies, or users, and visit their posts which were visible as stars and planets, depending on the age of the post, with newer posts appearing brighter and more centered towards the center of the galaxy.
September 30

First Fate Reaches 50,000 Active Visitors/ Users

First Fate crossed 50,000 Installs in Play Store and App Store, growing exponentially.
July 21

First Fate RealTime Virtual Tattoo

First Fate RealTime Virtual Tattoo
In July 2016, First Fate launched Real Time Virtual TattooCam, which used phone camera technology to help users click their photos with virtually based tattoo images. The app continues to support this feature, with over 400+ tattoo designs.
July 4

First Fate Events – See Who Actually Showed up!

First Fate Events – See Who Actually Showed up!
In July 2016, First Fate launched First Fate Events, which enables users to create public and private events on First Fate. First Fate Events included a feature called Events RollCall, which enables users to check-in to the event by tapping the "I am Here" button, which used GPS tracking technology to register the RollCall if the user was within 500m radius of the event location. Based on the RollCall, the event creator can find and choose "Event Winners" within the app itself by setting a secret key and number of winners. The app uses a random probability algorithm to find the winner(s) based on the key value out of the people who successfully registered their RollCall.
June 15

Profile Badges – Collect ’em All!

Profile Badges – Collect ’em All!
In June 2016, First Fate launched Profile Badges, which are virtual trophies given to users every time they accomplish a goal in the app. These goals are added every month along with badges. These goals are based on using the various functions of the app, like recommending places in more than 10 countries, or participating in more than 50 events, or getting a total reputation score of more than 100,000. Users can compete and collect these profile badges which are visible on their profile, by tapping the Badges Icon.
June 11

MapMyJourney – A Social Recommendation Feature

In June 2016, First Fate introduced MapMyJourney feature, which enables users to share their favorite hangout and travel spots with their followers, directly on their First Fate profile. Later, it was transformed into a complete social recommendation feature where users can post their recommendations and reviews about any place around the world spread across 50+ categories, which can be read by registered users on First Fate. MapMyJourney allows users to share their reviews and recommendations about any place, hangout spot or any business, located anywhere in the world. These recommendations are visible on their First Fate profile, by tapping the MapMyJourney icon. The recommendations are sorted by cities, and upon selecting a city, any user can see the recommendations by the reviewer. Currently, users can give their review in terms of stars (out of 5), What They Liked About the Place, Best Time to Visit and add images related to their experience. The app uses Google Maps technology to list and suggest places to review.
April 29

iOS Version is Launched

iOS Version is Launched
During this week, iOS version of First Fate Social Network is launched on the Apple Store. Initial version includes features like Reputation Score, #FirstFateIt, Trends, Video Profile, Explore, Private Chat and Basic Social Networking features!
March 19

First Fate Android App Launched

First Fate Android App Launched
First Fate Social Network, or commonly known as First Fate, is an online social media and social network service that allows users to share pictures and videos either publicly or privately, with their friends and followers. It was created by Aman Gupta and launched in March 2016 as a mobile photo sharing application for Android Devices. First Fate lets its registered users share photos and short 10 second videos (known as Video Nanotales) with their friends and followers. Initially, First Fate was launched as an app for getting instant honest opinions and feedback about the content being shared, with the users unable to view existing comments and post ratings unless they rated their opinion first, hence the name "First Fate" was coined by its founder and current MD & CEO, Aman Gupta.
February 11

First Fate App Features are added in its first release

First Fate

Video Profile Identity

First Fate launched its video profile picture of 5 seconds in its first release in March 2016. The users can film a 5 second video and use it as their profile picture. Currently, the app only allows real time videos as profile pictures i.e. users cannot use existing saved videos as profile video. These videos are paused by default and the users can view anyone's video picture by tapping on the play icon which is visible on their profile picture. Other Features First Fate allows use to track trends in form of most used hashtags on the basis of hour, day and week. The users can check popular photos and videos shared by users on Explore tab. Users can also chat with their followers using a private message system within the app, which also allows sending photos and videos.
November 6

Basic First Fate Concepts are conceptualized and Added

Basic First Fate Concepts are conceptualized and Added
Two key features added: #FirstFateIt and Reputation Score.

"First Fate It"

First Fate was launched as an app for getting instant honest opinions and feedback about the content being shared, with the users unable to view existing comments and post ratings unless they rated their opinion first. This feature is dubbed by the First Fate users, as "FirstFateIt". The post ratings and comments become visible once the user rates their opinion. To protect the honest feedback process, the users cannot change their rating once they rate, but they can freely participate and change their opinion after reading the comments.

Reputation Score

Reputation Score is a score which is calculated after adding all the post scores that users have received on his/her posts. Every user can rate a particular post in one of Five Ways - WOW, Heart, Laugh, Like, Sad, which are worth 4,3,2,1 and 1 points respectively. This post score is calculated by adding all the points received by the user for that post. e.g If a Post has 5 WOWs, 2 Hearts, 1 Laugh and 1 Like, the post score becomes 5*4 + 2*3 + 1*2 + 1*1 = 29, for that post. Reputation Score is the cumulative total of all the post scores of a user. It is used by users as an "Influence Check", with higher reputation score meaning more popularity or more influence, since the user cannot change their ratings for a post after rating it out of 5 ways, and cannot see the post score before rating it.
October 15

First Fate App Concept is Formulated

First Fate App Concept is Formulated
First Fate's origin dates back to October 2015, when Aman Gupta thought of developing a technology that could help people get honest reactions and opinions. In December 2015, after hiring Android and iOS developers, he officially began development for First Fate Social App, after considering making it a mobile-based photo sharing application. The name "First Fate" was coined after the initial purpose of the app, which was knowing the first fate or first reaction of the shared post or video.

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