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Why $1 per Day Advertising, on First Fate actually works?!

Advertising on First Fate Social Network is a bit different..It’s more organic and cost effective. No, I am not kidding. You can reach millions of users, on First Fate Social Network, by advertising, starting $1 per day, and there’s the kicker — It will be organic. Before I get to that, today let me take few minutes[…]

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How to use First Fate to promote your business?

FirstFate offers a great opportunity for business owners and advertisers to showcase their products and services to users around the world. Promoting your Business has now never been easier. We have now opened our platform for Promotion/Advertising for Business Owners and Advertisers as an integrated feature of our app, where users will be able to[…]

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Advertise your Business on FirstFate Organically

No matter if you’re a big company with a huge following or just a new firm starting out of your garage/home, advertising is a necessary evil. Without it, you’ll soon phase out and lose out to your competitors, unless you advertise. Don’t get us wrong, product/idea is the most important thing, but without dissemination of[…]