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AR TimeLoop Moments

Augmented Reality TimeLoop Moments: Create Private, Public or Secret Moments/Messages for Friends, which can only be seen when they visit that place via AR. Etch your memories and special social moments permanently.

FirstFate Lookies

Want to know instantly how a place looks like at this very moment? Request LIVE Lookies on FirstFate, and receive Lookie replies from others instantly. Post Awesome moments and tag them to real LIVE locations in form of Lookies.


Participate, organise and create events around you. Get a roll call within 400m of the destination. You can announce winners for your event as well.

Exclusive: Create Map My Journey

Know cool hangout places? Tell your followers about where to hang out, when and why.. Browse through profiles to know what’s the best part about the city.


Settle any bet or a tie-breaker with a RealTime LuckyWheel competition.. #PopularAmongMillennials

FirstFate Stories

Add Stunning 3D Photo Albums in form of First Fate Stories. Users can flip through the pages, like reading a Book! Go Viral!

RealTime Virtual Tattoo Cam

#Fun Create Amazing Photos of yourself using RealTime Virtual Tattoo feature. More than 400+ Realistic Stunning Art to choose from!

First Fate it!

By #FFIt, we mean that you share new things, and people get to share their honest opinion about it! What’s interesting you ask? They cannot change it! We can think of having fun with it, can you?!

Video Profile

Say good bye to selfie profile pic! Welcome, Selfie Profile video! :) Do crazy things in those 5 seconds!


Chat with anyone you want to! Send instant images and messages to your friends, followers and family! It’s easy and user friendly!

Build your Reputation Score!

Did we forget to tell you that a person can rate your post in 5 ways? Yes, they can! Moreover, each rate carries different points. Get those points and earn true bragging rights!

Profile Badges

Earn cool profile badges every time you achieve something on the app. Compete with friends and get as many badges as you can.

Make it Trend

Use cool hashtags to make something trend every hour, every hour, every day. It can be as honest as a birthday wish for your loved one.

FirstFate Discover

Discover thousands of new stories, ideas, content, innovative products or services shared by other users everyday on First Fate, and express your interest.

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Why #FirstFate?

Because it's new and fun way to say and experience!
It's more than just a photo sharing app!

First Fate is the next best thing that has happened to Social Media! That's not a fact, but a vision that we have chosen for us! First Fate is a unique way to share your stories, thoughts and experiences with your friends, family and followers, and interact with them in a purely fun way!
The unqiue thing about First Fate is that it provides a person with a real life social experience with people far away! We deliver on our motto,
"Sometimes only the First Opinion is what you need."
So how are we different? We provide our community with great and unique ways to share and connect with people around the globe. One such example is our Video Profile feature! And More importantly, we love people!

  • We are here!

    We do different things differently! And We are all About Fun!

  • You are here!

    You love having Fun! Why stop now!

  • Your Friends can be here!

    There's a reason everyone is talking about it! :)

  • You can share what you love!

    First Fate is all about being positive. Share places and thoughts that you love.


Hard-working individuals passionate about their work, with a result oriented approach
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Aman Gupta

Managing Director & CEO
Aman Gupta completed his MBA in the year 2014 from LBSIM, New Delhi, after doing B.Tech in Computer Science in the year 2012. His technical and Business Knowledge has helped in creating the First Fate Social Network, starting from its inception.
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Ajay Gupta is a B.Com(H) graduate from Bhagat Singh College, New Delhi. With an experience of over 30 years in the industry starting from stock market to Business Development, his knowledge and business acumen has helped First Fate in expanding its business unit.

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